Tuesday, January 12, 2010

comments, FAME, and the like

(trying something new)

so when i started this blog it was just an outlet for me to express my thoughts since i'm horrible at keeping a journal. antyways, even though i never expected anyone to read it, deep down inside i hope that it turns out to be one of those blogs with a gazillion followers and blah blah. i know that won't happen since all i post are my rambles and nothing spectacular, i always get really excited when i check my gmail and there's a notice telling me i have a comment. that being said, i never know if i should respond or not. i wonder if i respond do the commenters know that i responded or if i don't do i look like a jerk who's too good to respond to the few comments she may get? idk...i have a tendency to overthink things. maybe i'll start responding...if i get more.

so my mom requested FAME from blockbuster.com (she has that membership thing where you can rent movies online or whatever). she got an email saying it would be in on wednesday...well guess what came in the mail today..yep that's right, FAME!!! i was sooo excited, i had wanted to see this movie when it came out, but never got to it. it was really really good. the directer did an excellent job shooting wise and i was really pleased that they actually used teenagers to play highschool kids. i may or may not have been dancing around the house singing the theme song lol

this semester i'll be completing my capstone and my professor wanted me to start a book by Vasari on renaissance artists for the class ...i've gotten through 1 1/2 artists and school starts next tuesday...at least i know how to keep a pattern. i have to have to do super well this semester...i'm taking all art history classes and i HAVE to get into grad school even though i'm really not looking forward to it, but that's a whole pot of beans....or whatever the phrase is...i may have made it up. oh well. back to watching start trek with mumsie...mmmm zachary quinto lo

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