Friday, January 15, 2010

kiss kiss bang bang

so i've been single for quite some time and as a result i get these itchings (figural of course) to kiss someone. i love kissing...idk why i think this, but to me kissing is such an intimate act..and since i've been single i've been searching for that knee-buckling, pochantas wind swirling, passionate kind of kiss like i used to get with ex-lovah. even up to the end of our relationship i always felt some kind of oompf or spark when i kissed him. it was great. i'll never forget my first kiss (13 and braces sum that up), my first love (which was wasted on a later to be discovered jerkoff who held his camera in a sock because he lost his case) and my first in-love experience (ex-lovah). he was my second love, but first relationship and in-love-ness. to this day i still remember our first kiss. it was so sweet and romantic comedy-esque.

now since the end of our relationship, i've hooked up with different people, but when hooking up takes place kissing gets kicked to the curb...which as much as i complain about not kissing in awhile, i kind of like it that way, because i'm weird and kissing is so special to me for whatever reason.

and my harlet makeout session last weekend was cool....i genuinely liked the guy and he was a good kisser, but that's all it was..random kissing fest...there was no zsa zsa zsu (as carrie bradshaw calls it), but then again i was under the i'm back to square one. guess it's just the price i'll have to pay during my relationship quest (that sounds sooo bad...and desperate which is not a good look..but it's just cheesey enought i might keep it)

but i want to end on a good note and say this break has been AMAZING! spent good quality time with my family, which as much as they work my nerves sometimes, i'm always grateful for. had memorable times with brianna who i love like a sister. and got tons and TONS of rest which is good considering how tough this semester is going to be.

also i love michael buble.

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