Saturday, January 9, 2010

i love bad made for tv movies

so i'm currently watching this wannabe day after tomorrow movie on the scifi channel (i refuse to say syfy) just add the threat of a terrorist in the mix. anywho it's soooo unbelievably bad. bad 90's cgi, bad acting...but it's one of those bad movies that you can't turn away from..i'm thoroughly enjoying myself though lol
anyways so after the 5th day of my break i've wanted to kill my sister just about everyday (figuratively of course) but she's leaving tomorrow to go back to school and i'm kind of sad..yes we' ve been at each others' throats all break we have had some fun times. i realized i was going to miss her in the car today on the way to dropping her off at work. my mom was being her usual crazy self and dan kept turning and looking at me because of the stuff she was saying. i couldn't help but laugh. we do have our usual blowups and arguments but i'm glad we have such a close helps us keep our sanity while living with our parents.

me and my dan

update on the hair front: finally washed it today. i should be ok as long as i wear a hairband and makeup. but then again i guess if i was that secure with myself i wouldn't worry about whether or not i look like a boy with super short hair but whatever.

earlier today i wanted to go dancing really bad for some reason...still do a little. but alas i can't.

guess that's all....back to this movie lol.

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