Wednesday, January 13, 2010

"god can be funny"

things that are NOT funny:
  • when i'm heading out the door to class and i turn my ipod on just to find out it's completely out of juice
  • my mom thinking that it's ok to randomly and light heartedly bring up the fact that she was this close to divorcing my dad 5 years ago when i never had an inkling that their problems were THAT bad (don't get me wrong, i'm happy they worked things out but i really don't want to hear that shizz)
  • people using the words gay and ghetto to describe something bad
  • a person having a heart condition where the best treatment is exercise which said person never does
  • guys who get upset when a girl turns down a dance at the club
  • heartbreak
  • not having as much candy as you thought you had
  • when people have no regard for your feelings and emotions
  • those super depressing ASPCA (or whatever the acronym is) commercials about abused dogs and cats
  • your university building a second basketball arena when the art and archaeology museum only has enough space to display %14 of its collection (yea i'm still bitter after 4 years)
  • rape and incest jokes
  • gary coleman doing debt relief commercials (that's just sad lol)
  • your 9 yr old brother beating you at wii golf, tennis, bowling and baseball
things that are funny:
  • ginger barking and growling when there's nothing outside
  • watching the bloopers on the office even though i've watched them a gazillion times
  • inside jokes with my sister
  • being a freshman in college, first week of classes, sitting in a lecture hall, receiving a syllabus then finding out you're in a 3000 level engineering class (yes that happened to me)
  • my sister and i secretly making fun of my parents
  • opening christmas presents at 6am and it's so early it's not even that light outside which makes the home video very dark..(it wasn't funny at the time, but my family laughs about it now and still gives my little brother a hard this day i still don't understand why my parents just didn't tell him to wait)
  • my starting wii fit age being 74 (go me!)
  • being so happy at the end of a movie i cry
  • telling people my mom made me read steve harvey's book think like a man, act like a woman (but for the record, i never finished it)
  • telling God what i want
  • watching the twilight series with angelica (i can always count on her to talk during the movies with me)
  • playing with my little brother
i've been in a "mental listy" mood today and i thought this would be fun....well except for some of the not funny things...i tried to think of things that really were funny or sad that shouldn't be funny, but i couldn't think of that many so the list ended up being kind of a debby downer list which is why i ended on a happy case anyone was wondering...which i'm sure you were.

sidenote: i love typing while not looking at the keyboard and seeing the correctly spelled words come up on the's the little things in life that make us happy...

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sarah said...

great list!
i'm an arts student, so i can feel your pain over your university building an extraneous basketball arena!