Tuesday, January 26, 2010

d.c. my love

one of my life goals is to live in d.c. i've wanted to move there ever since i visited le ex lovah during my spring break almost 2 years ago (i can't believe it's been that long since we've seen each other in person...kind of weird) but yea i looooved the city...there was something about it. he went to georgetown so the area around the school was so nice and there were the cutest little houses and apartments that were painted different colors. one day we went to virginia...it really freaked me out, because right behind (ok not directly behind, but pretty close) georgetown is the potamic river and the washington bridge (i think that's the name) so we walked from georgetown over the potamic into virginia..it was so much fun.
anyways here's part of my trip in pictures...i took out the couply ones, because no one wants to see those

we made a special trek across our nation's capitol
just so I could see stephen colbert's portrait
(i was so happy certain people were willing
to that for me)

yes i took a picture of this...i must say that i do not appreciate
the fact that the genius who designed the building
made both entrances look EXACTLY alike...which
causes people to go in one side and leave out of what they
think is the same entrance which they don't realize
is a completely different exit until they've walked almost
an hour in the wrong direction....just saying.

the washington monument (of course)

the library

the museum was having a special hip hop exhibit
and this guard was standing outside of it...he was HOT!!
of course i didn't tell certain people about this, didn't think
he would appreciate it lol.

part of georgetown's campus...i fell IN love
with it, it is such the stereotypical
east coast ivy league campus

the healy building i believe

healy building part 2

walking down embassy row

certain people were getting kind of annoyed with
me, because i kept stopping to take pictures
of all the embassies(?)...it was kind of funny

i seriously have a whole facebook photo album
of just embassy row pictures...i'm that kind
of tourist

still embassy row

the smithsonian castle

the capitol building..we didn't get a chance
to go see the white house which i didn't mind...
didn't get a large amount of touristy time, since certain people
still had school, but i did get to see a lot considering...it was still
a pretty fun trip

the national archives building

embassy row again..yea these are super
out of order

was really surprised to find out dc has a chinatown

so in conclusion, dc is my town..it pains me to watch real world dc (figuratively of course)
but anyways, one day i'll be there. until then i'll just keep daydreaming and skimming
apartments for rent on craigslist. (i wish i could say i'm joking about that)


mina said...

i didn't know that painting of colbert was on display. that's awesome!

sydney australia said...

yea! he had a whole week long special where he went to different museums trying to get them to hang it up. it was pretty hilarious! the portrait gallery agreed to hang it in the entrance to the bathrooms lol