Wednesday, February 24, 2010

decisions decisions

so my original plan for this summer was to complete
an internship at one of the 2 major art museums back home
in kansas city....BUT these past few weeks i've been leaning
more towards doing gallery work, including exhibition installation,
working with artists and all that jazz.
yesterday i was researching the internships and there aren't
any available in that area and they're unpaid so i'd basically
be volunteering in a field i'm not that crazy about
anymore and an area i don't see myself working in
until way into the future. then i looked up galleries and found
4 potential volunteering opportunities! after some family/friend
consulting of course and thinking i've decided to go with
the galleries. I'm really really excited.

in other news, my left eyebrow is filling back in nicely
(i made the mistake of trying to do my eyebrows myself this past weekend...lesson learned)

my only class today isn't until 4, i had every intention
of studying, but i'm soo tired...but i'm torn
because the to-go dining place i usually
eat at on campus serves fresh pizza from
12:15-2:15...if i go back to sleep than i won't get pizza,
but at the same time i'm really really tired.
i'm trying to resist making a thing of zebra cakes the first
thing i eat..if this is my only dilemma than i guess i'm doing pretty
well...didn't do the readings for class (as usual)
i guess i'll get up then take a nap after i eat.

the Art League is having its opening reception tonight
for the new "Tall Stories" it's definitely my favorite
of all the exhibits that i've seen since i started volunteering there.
i've never been to the opening reception so i felt so special when Diana the executive director asked me if i would come...i feel like a grownup lol.

ok plan for the day:
opening reception

hopefully not getting a nap in will help me sleep tonight

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