Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Hi, my name is Sydney I am 21 years old and 3 out 4 of my all time favorite books are for young adults. I never really thought about it until today when I got lost in the campus library looking for Walk Two Moons in the regular grown up section, when it was really located in the Juvenile section…and yes I had to ask for help. Not really one of my proudest moments. I swear I’m going to start reading grown up books…I just never have the time. Especially while in school. I am ABLE to read for fun, it’s just that I know myself and I’ll put reading for school second and it’s already hard enough not falling behind.

But I digress

I checked out Walk Two Moons, because I’m taking the shuttle home on Thursday for my dad’s surprise 50th birthday party (which I’m really excited for, because 1. My dad will be half a century old!!! 2. I’ve never been a part of a surprise party). And I wanted something to read other than my school shizz which I know I should be reading, but whatevs.

This is my favorite book of all time…in the history of books…ever lol.

Thank you thenewberryproject.blogspot.com

So proud of myself, I studied for about 2 hours at the library all by myself this aftertoon…even though the main reasons I went to study were 1. My dorm was having a security drill thing which I hate so I bounced and 2. It’s freezing cold outside and I knew I wouldn’t want to walk across campus trekking through arctic winds….ok it’s not THAT bad, but it has been pretty cold here in good ol’ Columbia, Missouri (it’s also been snowing pretty heavily) when I left for my 9:30am class it was about 18 degrees but it felt like -7 according to weatherchannel.com (being here I’ve learned to dress according to the “feels like” temperature and not the actual temperature.

Walking across campus with slush everywhere is not fun. I have officially learned my lesson that rainboots aren’t necessarily meant for the snow too. As a result when I’m walking I mentally tell myself not to fall, because if I don’t I get cocky then slip and slide all over the place…which is really embarrassing when 50,000 people are walking around you. Guess I shouldn’t be complaining about the snow too much considering the east coast specifically d.c. is getting buried under snow. Yeesh.

These pictures are from outside my dorm window (it’s really dark, because I face a parking garage and I didn’t want anyone to see me so I took incognito)

My only class tomorrow is cancelled, I’m soo happy. Studying and laundry are at the top of the list. Might have a day of music….the noisettes kept me awake while I was studying today (thank goodness for them)

Song of the week:

(can't get it out of my head, i love it)

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