Wednesday, February 17, 2010

tough toenails

i'm in one of my funks and i don't have anyone to give me bearhugs to make me feel better...and i refuse to ask the one person who used to give me the best bearhugs...*sigh*...i hate being in a fun


strongerlessons said...

Get da FUNK outta here :)

After reading your blog verbatim, I declare you the illest person I that is.

"I love my boobs, my hourglass figure, my freckles, everything. I’ll admit that it’s nice to hear that from guys, but to be able to say that to myself and believe it means so much more."

that is the mantra of self love me thinks.

ANyways, i'll abstain from flooding your comment box with kind words...i'll simply read ya on occassion...only if u keep on paying homage to self :)

sydney australia said...

thank you! i appreciate that