Friday, February 26, 2010

"who dat ninja?"

yes yes that is another 30 rock quote..i couldn't help myself

so despite previous the post i had a pretty good day today,
was proud of myself because i was soo close to going back to sleep
this morning instead of going to class, BUT i got my butt up anyways
(glad i did, because my capstone professor only gives us one unexcused
absence for the whole semester and i figured if i'm going to use that free pass
it should be for a good reason ie hangover)
so i put some music on to help wake me up...that helped put me in a really
good mood which in turn made my class bearable.
i'll admit i still nodded off in my greek sculpture class..but i was a refreshing sleep.

listened to jazz while i had lunch..i felt like such a good grownup.
then! i talked to my mom and there's a very high chance i'll be
spending my spring break in san diego with her!! nothing is set
in stone so fingers crossed, but san diego?! soo excited!!!
(there would've been a youtube video of the clip from
anchorman when ron burgundy tells veronica corningstone
the meaning of the city's name which "is german
for a whale's vagina" lol but alas i could not find it)

had my weekly volunteering gig down at the Art went
by pretty slowly because i was soo tired. was bad and got mcdonald's
for dinner again...have to admit it was soo good! but i was
kind of irritated with myself because when i
decided to get mcdonalds i had planned on getting a chocolate milkshake
but of course since i didn't write it down by the time i got there
i had forgotten until after i ordered..oh well the "chicken" nuggets
were still really delicioso.

i've come to the conclusion i have to marry
someone who is neat.
i am such a mess. there's currently a light yellow stain
on my sheets from when i was eating chips
and cheese dip in bed...i also have a bad habit of when
i'm done watching a dvd i just set it on top of the case instead
of just putting them back. sometimes i end up with 7 or 8 dvds
laid out around my's so sad. i think if i marry someone
who's neat their neatness will rub off on me. idk.

i should probably working on the bibliography and abstract of my
arts paper that's due tomorrow...i really don't want to.
i'm so glad i only have one more semester left, i'm so tired
of school...bad thing is i don't feel bad about failing at being a
good student. lord knows the last time i read for my greek
sculpture class...oh wells i guess.

i really want an owl tattoo...i'm thinking a small blue and
green on my left shoulder...idk..i want people to see
it though. but i definitely want an owl..possibly hooting
music notes..maybe i'll get a small
on my left wrist...or on my ankle. idk. guess i should
concentrate on getting the $ for it before anything else.

too bad i didn't have any pictures for this post

UPDATE: make that 2 cheese dip stains...lord help me.

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