Monday, February 22, 2010

"let me set the mood right"

This post has nothing to do with the title, really.

So like the bad student I am, earlier today I had planned on skipping my only class for today which is at 4, because I’m just not feeling anything today (thank you possible depression). But I had to go to the Art League and help hang the new exhibit that will be on display until April. All we did was hang artwork for an hour and it put me in a much MUCH better mood. I loved it. So I guess I’ll go to class..blecch. I’m so glad I’m not taking any art history classes next semester…idk what I was thinking when I signed up for these classes. Ugh.

Thank goodness for Death Cab For Cutie…they will forever be my all time favorite band in the history of the universe and time itself (that’s a pretty important title to have) I love LOVE their music. It’s calming yet puts me in a good mood. I love it. (ok I told myself I was going to stop using the word love so loosely..that clearly didn’t last very long) I honestly don’t know what I’d do without them…they hold a special place in my heart.

I’m more than ready for spring to get here…I love mizzou in the spring/summer the campus is sooo gorgeous!! That’s one of the things that attracted me to the school…in high school I went to this “getting ready for college” workshop that everyone holds almost everyday for high schoolers and the presenter was going thru a “standard” list of things to think about when choosing colleges and one of the things she talked about was being able to picture yourself walking around the campus and hanging out or studying. And I could definitely do that with mu. (thank goodness they accepted me, it was the only place I applied to..against the wishes of my mother). Anyways the weather isn’t too bad, but the grass is still wintery dead and the trees look all shriveled up. So I can’t wait for everything to be green again. I took some pictures on my walk back to my dorm from the Art League downtown:

Memorial Union- built during WW1 (?)..
I should know this, but whatever

Jesse Hall- the main administrative building
(admissions, financial aid, reslife, etc offices)
also holds an auditorium for concerts and such

the infamous columns located on the Francis Quadrangle
(I hate to say that I didn't actually SEE the quadrangle part
until about a 1 1/2 sad) what's cool about the columns is that they
are remains from the first building on campus that was destroyed
in year 18-so and so whenever what have you. the columns have
lasted about 200 years. pretty impressive. another cool funfact is that
at the start of every school year the freshmen class walk through the
columns from jesse to signify their entry as new members of the mizzou community
blah blah and the graduating seniors walk through facing jesse to signify
their departure into the real world blah blah.
the chancellor's house.
(i've never been inside so i don't have a lot to say about it)

the end?

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