Wednesday, February 24, 2010

hump day

Soo after blog hopping through some amazing blogs earlier today I decided that I’m definitely going to start adding more pictures (even though my life is not very exciting whatsoever) AND on occasion do one of those “what I’m wearing” posts…even though I don’t own very many clothes which don’t help me show off my “style” ..and I am living in Columbia, missouri on a campus where sweatpants and slippers or uggs is the most popular form of dress …so I’ll just do it when I’m wearing an outfit I think is worth sharing

Sweatshirt: Delia’s (it’s about 2 sizes too small, but it was purple; on sale and the chandelier has tacky rhinestones on it

Cami: gma (no joke, when I was in high school for some reason my MarMar decided to give my sister and I some of her old pj’s and bras and this cami that was never worn. The cami was the only thing that stayed)

Grey courdaroys: Delia’s (I love these pants! They fit so well)

Black low top chuck taylors

My new favorite headband thingy it’s a yellow-greenish color…I love it for the odd color

As I mentioned before tonight was the opening reception at the Art League and I went…I felt so grown up dressed so nicely walking around the gallery with a glass of wine admiring the art…then I made the mistake of getting a 2nd glass….how does a person even get drunk off of 2 glasses of wine?! Clearly I am not ready to be a real adult. But it was still cool, this show is definitely my favorite. Here is my favorite piece “History of Hummingbirds” by Susan Kissinger. These pictures do not do this painting justice. I just stood and stared at it tonight. If I had $675 just laying around I definitely would’ve bought it.

I hate to admit this, but the highlight of my day besides going to the reception was burning my Phantom of the Opera soundtrack back on to my itunes. I love LOVE that musical and the movie even more! Gerard Butler was AMAZING!! Definitely one of my favorite movies of his..besides Dear Frankie…and of course P.S. I love you It makes me sad to see him so main stream..unfortunately he has 2 strikes against him: the ugly truth and this new movie with jennifer aniston. Hopefully there won’t be a strike 3.

We watched this in my American Art and Culture art history class today, I’m definitely going to start listening to jazz more often:

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