Tuesday, February 9, 2010

et tu, rum & coke?

i really



need to stop drinking...

or at least re-adjust my limit.

this past friday night...omg.

thank god friends right?

i really want to tell people what happened

(ok what was told to me by those who

weren't wasted) but some of my

activities are SO embarrassing and probably

qualify as a basis for an intervention......

so i'm just going to keepmy mouth shut.

poor liver.


i'm currently working on wearing my semi-TWA

without any kind of headband or


(thanks to this gorgeous girl who i saw in the library last week rocking hers without a hair thing....i know super weird reason)

so yea...so far so good. angelica came over tonight

and said it looked good which made me feel

better, because she's had natural

hair for a few years now and always rocks her twa

without hair things in it and it always looks really nice.

that being said i'm also going to start styling it

more often.

so we shall see how that goes.

last week i decided i wanted a knuckle tattoo...

we see how far that goes lol.

*sidenote: was moulin rouge REALLY that bad of a movie??

after all this time i still love it (and know all the words)

i'm sitting here looking at these 2 articles i'm supposed to have read for my greek sculpture class tomorrow...they're on my nightstand just staring at me...

i know i know if i'm awake enough to blog and watch movies

then i should be awake enough to read for school.


yep not going to happen...i'll just read them tomorrow during my first class.

i'm kind of ambivalent about having a snow day

people are talking about possibly having tomorrow..

i only have 2 classes which are back to back in morning anyway

sooo...yea. don't really care.

my freshmen year mizzou had its first school wide snow day since the 70s when my parents were here...

and apparently it was the only the 3rd one in the school's entire history of existence...because i'm lame i thought that was pretty cool..kind of like being a part of history..but once again i'm lame like that.

i was so proud of myself today i didn't doodle in my notebook during class!!

i know it sounds pretty small, but that's a pretty good deal for me

i am a chronic(?) doodler...it's really bad lol.

these are from last week:

yes i know i'm (i'm = my parents and the federal government) not
paying shitloads of money for me to sit in class and doodle.
but i can't help it, i have a wandering mind
*sidenote continued: i wouldn't really mind
another singing ewan mcgregor movie
guess i'll go to bed now....
*idk why blogger keeps messing up my line spacing...it's really annoying*

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