Wednesday, February 3, 2010

self love

i'll admit, i haven't always had the highest of high levels of self esteem over the course of my life (due to many different factors, but i won't get into that), but recently (within the past year or so) i've really started to love myself for who i am and all that jazz.

while i was in class this afternoon i started to think about some of the things that make here's a short list:

  • i'm messy and unorganized
  • i eat in bed and don't mind the crumbs
  • i cheer for the puppies during the puppy bowl
  • i'm the only one in my family with freckles
  • my love for my favorite color purple can go a little overboard
  • i love to laugh
  • i sometimes wait until the last minute to take out the trash
  • ever since my dad and i waltzed to the flowers dance from the nutcracker at my cotillion, i now get teary-eyed everytime i hear it
  • i can't walk over grates
  • i've always ALWAYS wanted to be a ballerina

..ok i had more earlier today, but this is all i can think of...

anyways, there's a quote that goes something like "you can't love someone until you love yourself" i really like that...

guess that's all...

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