Friday, April 9, 2010

heartbreak warfare

dear john mayer,

why must you be a racist douchebag? i really liked your latest album. heartbreak warfare was my favorite song. but no then you had to go say that shit in your playboy interview. broke my heart..especially considering how long i boycotted you after you won best new artist grammy instead of craig david! i eventually let go of my pride and became a fan. then you betrayed me. after the interview i stopped listening to your music out of protest, but then on the car ride home for spring break your heartbreak warfare song came on and i realized how much i missed your music. but now i'm torn: if i went back to listening to you (secretly of course) does that make me a bad person or should i still not listen to you? it's really hard. it's like when i felt bad for still liking chris brown's song forever after the whole rihanna thing. but anywho guess i'll figure it out. but someone definitely needs to knock you down 3 or 4 kinda fell in the deep end awhile back.


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