Sunday, April 25, 2010

location location location

sooo while i was studying this afternoon (studying= staring off into space and daydreaming while occasionally highlighting my modern art book) i kept thinking about my grad school options and how i could honestly go anywhere..within the east and west coasts of course. then i thought about all the people i know who are making their somewhat future decisions based on their significant others and where they're located. i must say even though i bitch and moan about wanting a relationship, i'm glad i'm not in one, especially with my future being so up in the air. i'm going wherever i want to go for me...not for anyone else. that's such a good feeling to have. don't get me wrong, i totally understand that people would do that and i'm sure i would too if i was currently in a serious relationship, but at the same time...idk. i guess being single for so long has turned me a little pessimistic...oh well.

speaking of grad school, at about 2am this morning i added pratt institute of new york to my grad school list. that makes 3 that are in new york..2 in the city and 1 upstate. i figured i HAVE to get into at least one new york school..idk..i still have some time.

watched some more of the hills today....came to the conclusion that i am definitely definitely getting season 1 of the city. most definitely.

finally finally emailed the art gallery place about volunteering/intershipping (i have a bad habit of turning nouns into's fun sometimes). fingers crossed i there's space for me...if not i can always email this other center i'm looking at..i'm so excited.

still raining...

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