Wednesday, April 7, 2010

SB 2010 destination: san diego

figured while i'm avoiding the 2 papers i have due thursday i'll start posting SB pictures.

but first update: my geology class sucks. it's about earthquakes (yay..not) and it's 2 mother-freaking hours long. cuss. however i did run into new boy after class..unfortunately i was fiddling with my ipod and trying to keep my skirt from blowing up at the same time so i didn't even see him until he said (wait for it) "hey sydney" and waved...!!!!!!! i know it's sad, but once again he made my day...i need a life lol.

anyways back to the subject at hand. i'll start with the trip to la san diego:

angelica and ryan were nice enough to let me tag along on the ride to was definitely a fun ride lol

one of 2 types of billboards you can find the great highway I70 besides the usual advertisements

2nd type

missouri landscape (i personally think kansas is prettier but i'm biased)

just a little of downtown kansas city

the new performing arts center..i heard it's supposed to be built like sydney opera house..i don't see it but whatever..still cool

convention center

can't remember where we were flying over

don't ask

they played an episode of the office!!! of course i was cracking up..felt a little sorry for everyone who had to listen to me laugh lol

the rocky mountains...thanks for the turbulence

the denver airport..supposed to mimic the mountains

yep i'm that tourist that takes pictures of planes in the airport


Afrika said...

Nice pictures. I spent a small portion of my spring break in Kansas city too.

sydney with a y said...

thanks! yea i'm from kc so it was nice spending some time at home