Monday, April 12, 2010

mercy mercy me!

whew lordy.

once again thank goodness for friends!!! bree and angelica both had to talk me down from the crazy lady/neurotic thoughts level i was on today as a result of this weekend. yes i am still a little concerned and yes my mind is still going a mile a minute at times, but i'm not as "wowuwah aaahh" as i was earlier. (that's my interpretation of crazy lady speech lol)

in other news..tuesday should be interesting being in class with newboy after what happened this weekend. here's to hoping my worst fears won't come true.

we shall see we shall see.

btw i wish i had taken a picture of the outfit i wore on our date, not to toot my horn but i looked pretty good..his compliment on it was the icing on the cake.

sidenote: i've had this song stuck in my head ALL day. oh robin thicke...mmh mm! this man is soo so sexy...especially when he talks..and when he sings of course. he and paula patton are SO adorable together. his song sex therapy gets me everytime.


chelsea rebecca said...

robin thicke is SO sexy! i love this song!!
and i wish you took pictures of your outfit too! haha i love outfit pictures!!!
HIP HIP HOORAY for friends! they are much needs and have talked me down from my craziness to many times to count!!
love your blog!!

sydney with a y said...

thanks! :)