Wednesday, April 14, 2010

she lives!

so i'm no longer dying of some rare undetectable virus. i do know that if my liver ever fails, it'll either be from the alcohol consumption or the constant od-ing on ibprofen when i'm sick. at least i'll know. glad to be feeling better, i hate being sick...i ran out of people to complain to (note to self: find more friends/aquaintances so i can later bitch to them) angelica was so sweet and brought me soup which also helped.

ugh i'm going to be the death of myself. ok maybe my word vomit is...i should've just stopped talking but no i had to keep going. *sigh* oh wells i guess. it was one of those moments where as soon as the words left my mouth (mouth= fingers typing in a text message) and i hit send i KNEW that was a bad idea. *sigh* i was doing so well too. i guess i can play crazy and pretend like i never said it. whatever, moving on.

idk what else to thing of the week coming soon as i get off my lazy bum.

*here's to having a better rest of the day..

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