Tuesday, April 6, 2010

"and so it begins"

no that's not a quote from LOTR the return of the king....lol

ok when i started this post i had every intention of posting SB pictures, but then i got distracted by the intranet and now it's time to leave for my stupid geology class. SO i'll go ahead and ramble about my day so far.

it was cool, new boy asked me how my spring break was as soon as i got to class..that made me happy (sad i know). then i made a "that's what she said" joke at a really innappropriate time and he cracked up. (i love it when a guy i'm interested in thinks i'm funny) and he agreed with me that we should have our greek sculpture class outside. i want to tell him that i'm interested, but the last time i did that without double checking how the guy felt first i embarrassed myself...and the whole bishop miege senior class of 2006 knew about it. oh repressed memories. sooo until i know FOR SURE how he feels, mums the word. he's just sooo cute!!! gah!

weather here in america's heartland is wonderful at the current moment! i was so worried about coming back from sunny california to dumb miser-i (get it?!) and it be cold weather. but alas tis nice and springy out. wore a skirt and cardigan today (unfortunately didn't factor in the wind..sorry all mizzou students walking behind me)

guess that's all for now. i swear SB pics coming soon

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