Friday, April 16, 2010

"and BOOM goes the dynamite"


i like it when a boy with breathtaking(ly?) blue eyes invites me to get ice cream with him.

i also like it when said boy with gorgeous blue eyes laughs at the things i say even when they're weird, i like it when he doesn't address my bad habit of word vomit. i like it when he notices that i'm constantly humming that tune from kill bill when whatsherface is walking through the hospital to kill whatsherface. i like it when boy calls me and i'm super sick and he says "aww poor sydney" i like finding out new things about the boy.

however, i DON'T like it when i think about the boy all the time..a lot more than a person should considering we've hung out twice outside of school. i don't like this "whatever this situation is" business.

i'm weird enough as it is..this whole thing is really bringing out deep down weirdness that i didn't even know existed.

time for chocolate chip cookies.

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