Tuesday, April 27, 2010

i need "how to be an adult" lessons

it kind of freaks me out, because over the past 2 or 3 years i feel like my true personality has really started to come out and i feel like it's stunted. i know i'm only 21 and just starting to join the adult world, but i have the maturity level of a 14 year old boy with a mind that's just as dirty. for instance today in my italian renaissance artists class my teacher was talking about believing in yourself when presenting a paper and blah blah...what do i do in response? sing "don't stop believing" by journey...outloud. yes out loud. lord help me.

BUT! after class when i told new boy it was stuck in my head he sang it with me...it was pretty great. lol.

second thing. i really really REALLY need to work on this whole doodling thing...i'm giving myself one more semester to get thru it...it's sooo bad. (at least new boy always says good things about them lol)

here's some of my lovely doodles from my greek sculpture class

overall today was a really good day....had my usual walk n talk after class with new boy...his 5 oclock shadow scruff made my heart go pitter patter..lol. somehow i made it through my 2 geology class without knowing what time it was since my phone died literally 10minutes before class started. i guess filling in my planner up through july helped too.

wore my favorite headband thing:

it's super stretched out and i'm sure there are some people out there that would disagree with me trying to make a faux sequin silver bow headband go with everything but i don't care, i loves it...there's something about wearing a bow..idk what it is.

yesterday i started working on my personal statement even though i won't be applying to school for many months, but i figured i'd get started on it now, anyways 5 minutes into it i began to wonder what would be a reasonable price to pay someone to write it for me...this is going to be hard. exactly why i'm working on it now.
and i must say i almost pee my pants every time the trailor for SATC 2 comes on..i'm sooo excited! AND even better, it comes out when my sister and i will both be back home for summer break, so i'm hoping me her and my mom can see it together since we saw the first one together...so excited.

guess that's all....back to the city premiere!!

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