Tuesday, April 13, 2010

awkward is as awkward does.

think the title is pretty self explanatory.

i've finally grown out of my 12-13 year ugly duckling stage...unfortunately my awkwardness is still here..lord have mercy am i one awkward person. this whole "i'm into you but not sure how into me you are but i want to hang out with you anyway but i don't know how to approach you without sounding like a crazy lady because i don't know how you feel" thing is not what's up.

maybe it's all the drugs i'm on because of my cold...most likely not, but i can pretend right?

i think what i'm gonna do from now on is when i meet a guy give him a business card that says "just a quick heads up i'm super awkward so if i handle situations in a weird way that's why. i'm not a crazy lady, i just haven't developed the necessary social skills to be a functioning adult"

lord help me
i should probably stop talking about myself...i really do love myself i swear..i just have these moments

ps everytime i sneeze a layer of my throat comes off, a piece of brain becomes detached AND my eardrums explode...yes i am dying from a cold. rare i know


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