Saturday, April 24, 2010

decisions decisions...again

so proud of myself, i got up showered dressed and went to the library and got my grad school shizz together. granted it took me an hour or two to get up and going, but i did spend about an hour at the library researching my 4 grad school options. i'm really really proud of myself, because not only did i print off info about the masters programs and how to apply; i ALSO printed off info on tuition/fees, financial aid and any housing stuff they had AND put it in one of those expandable multi folders things. *sigh* i'm super excited. started writing one of the papers that i'll have to submit as part of the application packet.

here are my current top 4 choices:

1. California College of the Arts in San Francisco- Curatorial Studies

2. Bard College, Hudson on the River, NY- Curatorial Studies

3. School of the Art Institute of Chicago- Arts Administration and Policy

4. NYU- Visual Arts Administrations

so yea there they goes.....i have to admit i kind of cheated with the programs i chose, because i 1. don't have to take the gre (thank gooseness!!) and 2. don't have to know a foreign language (thank gooseness again!) like i would if i was applying to an art history masters program.

i know myself pretty well and this order will probably change...i honestly can't choose between east and west coast..i loved loved LOVED california and i know i would like san francisco BUT there's something about new york that makes me want to go there...i guess never being there plays a large role. and even though bard college is only about 2 hours away from the actual city i'm sure if i attended there i visit nyc whenever. idk..we shall see. ..guess i wouldn't mind going to chicago either...i just know that's as midwest as i want to get for grad school.

in other news, i've been so happy lately...i love being happy for no makes life a lot more enjoyable. i kicked major pootang in my rococo presentation yesterday. none of classmates had "constructive" criticisms and my professor thought the information i presented for my paper was well thought out and all that jazz. such a relief considering how nervous i was and how unprepared i felt. not i just have to sit and write the actual paper.

currently watching the hills marathon...i prefer the city over the hills...i like whitney...and it doesn't hurt that the city is shot in ny.

guess that's all...going back to enjoying this crazy rainy spring day in bed.


Afrika said...

lol oh man, I did the same thing. I only applied to the schools that didn't requite the GRE.

Afrika said...


I hate typos lol

sydney with a y said...

lol! i feel kind of guilty but i figure it's a win win situation: schools don't have to see how not smart i am and i don't have to stress over another test lol

sydney with a y said...
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