Monday, April 5, 2010

school schmool

welp i'm officially back from spring break..booo. we'll see how long it takes for me to unpack this time lol

i have about 250,000 pictures to go through, so as soon as i get organized i'll get my post on

overall san diego was AMAZING! definitely looking into grad school in california. the weather there is soo unbelievable nice all the time! so now i have to choose between the 2 coasts. decisions decisions.

i have to admit that i'm excited to be in class again...yay for seeing the new boy again!

also my my one hour/credit geology class about natural disasters starts should be interesting, one of our books is called "apocalypse" (so dramatic)

guess that's all for now

ps watched fantastic mr. fox was sooo cute and hilarious!! "what the cuss?!" lol definitely gonna start saying that instead of cussing lol

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