Friday, April 16, 2010

isn't jeff goldblum dreamy

idk why i am so into jeff goldblum, but he is awesome. love love love him on law & order ci

anyways, my mom always say it's the little things in life that make you happy. i totally agree with that...i was in the shower this morning and realized how much i love the feeling of the water running through my hair (one of many pluses for having natural hair) it made me so happy for some reason. the thought of kissing makes me happy too...i love kissing. it's such a sweet and intimate act.

for my humongous paper in my rococo class i'm writing about the connection between myth eroticism in rococo painting and 18th century sexuality..a lot of my paper is about francois boucher who is an amazing painter. definitely my 3rd favorite. on of his paintings i'm discussing is his "hercules and omphale" (below)

isn't great?! not a very good reproduction, but still amazing.

got $ in my pocket which means.....somebody can get her drink on tomorrow night! whoo-hoo!
but i promise i'll be on my best behavior this weekend.

bee-tee-dubs i love my friends. major hearting took place this week :)

back to my volumes 1 &2 of snl: best of will ferrell

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