Saturday, May 1, 2010

be all that i can be

i another person...another LIVE human conversation that gary sinise narrating these army commercials make me want to join. i know i know that's so bad. i don't want to join for real for real, but they're a lot more convincing with his voice in the background...he's just so cool!

sometimes i should keep my thoughts to myself i think lol.

may or may not have made a 1:30am run to the campus market store for cherry slices...

it's so bad. BUT i paid in cash and it's only a minute walk from my dorm (i kept telling myself that to justify the trip & purchase lol) i get some SERIOUS candy cravings. serious. for the longest time my mom thought i had diabetes because when i crave candy i HAVE to have it. (she doesn't like to be reminded she doesn't have a medical degree). i must say they were definitely worth it.

more doodles:

i was really hungry...this is what i thought
my stomach looked like

don't ask

herakles (or hercules..i like the greek spelling
better) i forgot his lion cape so i drew
the lion before herakles kills him

clearly my whole "no more doodling" kick didn't last very long...i guess it doesn't help we've been listening to presentations. 3/4 of my art history classes have been doing presentations for the past lord knows how many's PAINFUL with a capital stab myself in the eye to get out of class. i'm so sick of art history it's crazy. i guess that's what 1 week of class left in the semester will do to you.

random sidenote: my dreams have been super crazy lately. weirdly crazy.

my best guy friend and i have had some really good conversations surrounding the new boy situation lately. (things aren't going as planned) i love getting things from a guy perspective. mainly the truth. i must say i hate being bullshitted, treated like i have "naive" written on my forehead and played to the left which is EXACTLY what's been going on lately. whatever.

two things to end on a happy note with:

1. got a FREE copy of homer's odyssey from the craft studio...yay for free books!!

2. i am way pumped for this movie. love will forte and these skits on snl were always some of my favorites...and kristen wiig?! yes. lol

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