Friday, May 7, 2010

my own reverse letters

soo chelsea over at triumphs and blunders of a kooky gal came up with the brilliant idea of writing reverse letters (found herre and herre) her reverse letters are neat spin on naomi's little letters at rockstar diaries (i've mentioned her awesome blog and happy lists before)

antyways, i was walking home from lavender graduation--> mu's graduation of members of the lgbtq community and their allies who show outstanding service not only on mu's campus, but in the lgbtq resource office as well. so i was walking home and looked down at myself and thought "yea my body and i don't always get along, but boy do i love my curvy hourglass figure" (i'm a closet vain person lol) and i thought about my turbulent wednesday night and came up with the idea of writing a letter from my body to here it goes:

i'm sorry you were so unhappy with my wednesday and i'm glad we made up. i know you get frustrated with me sometimes, but damn girl i look good. don't worry about the love handles, stomache pudge and the cellulite. as long as you're happy that's all that matters.

love, your body

please stop pulling me out, i know it's a really REALLY bad habit, but you don't want me to look like patches o'toole right?

love, your hair

don't try and eat all of me in one night...especially after you wolfed down about 2o cheese cubes at the lav grad reception. remember i can always be saved as leftovers.

love, medium pepperoni pizza

stop worrying, everything will work out.

love, the future

you're awesome. don't forget it

love, self

yea, so they're not charming or witty or earth shattering, but they'll do for now.

it kinda weirds me out how well P (aka "ex lovah"....that got kinda old lol) still knows me....knows me really really well...guess i shouldn't complain. the music website he told me about was right up my ally.

that's my ending happy note :)

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