Thursday, May 27, 2010

woke up early not tired

here are some pitchas from the past few weeks (definitely in random order):

chatoyya, angelica the graduate, and moi
sean and

angelica and cuuute

chiffonte, me, angelica
(my neck looks so awkward)

chatoyya and me..think i'm gonna
just stop saying that because it's
obvious which one is me in these
pictures lol


lol angelica was trying to take my phone
away from me, because i was
drunk texting

love my friend! lol
ginger in the yard lol

the little brother
sidewalk chalking

we didn't last very long, it was soo hot outside
almost put up a picture of p and i....theeen changed my mind...that's probably not a good idea.
looks like it's going to be another lazy day.
love this song

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