Tuesday, May 11, 2010


today was interesting..for the most part.

pulled an all nighter to get my greek art take home final done. it was so shitty. i wrote my professor a note apologizing for it being so crappy. oh well. all that matters is that i am officially done with art history...FOREVER!! i'm done and i couldn't be happier! thank you lord.

so about this whole new boy situation. it got really weird and awkward and somehow we stopped talking to each other (mostly on my part...and my pride in retaliation to him coming off as a douche) so i texted him saying sorry for things being awkward and how i get weird in situations and how i feel bad and blah blah. after me spilling my guts in a 2 page text when i am physically unable to express my feelings, what does this man respond with? "no worries, i didn't sense any weirdness, but i'm oblivious to such." WHAT?! WHAT?! what the hell kind of response is that?! especially to what i sent. omg i'm so done, lol. guys are so unbelievably confusing!! i give up lol.

also, don't think i'm going to read p's blog anymore...got my feelings hurt major last night. although i will admit i was waiting for the slap in the face reality check...and let me tell you i definitely got it last night. oh well. lesson learned again...i've gotten over it.

the city and the hills again tonight! mostly excited for the city, olivia gets her ass handed to her by joe zee (who i love love btw..he's awesome)

sidenote: seinfeld is definitely one of my favorite tv shows of all time..it's soo funny! lol

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