Saturday, May 8, 2010

a penny for your thoughts love?

i swear i'm going to stop using my exacto knife to cut my hair when i can't find my scissors

last night i had my usual "not going out on a friday night" criminal minds marathon...usually a&e shows about 4-5 episodes, every episode last night shemar moore was kicking down doors...i never thought i'd ever be turned on by that...guess it helps when the guy doing the door kicking is super fine.

did a lot of thinking today and thought about kissing new boy and why it felt so different. i finally realized it's because i'm used to black guys who have much fuller lips. now don't get me wrong i enjoyed kissing new boy, but there's something about kissing a pair of nice full lips that i can't give up..hmm..

p has a new blog/website...i'd never tell him i read it...i'll admit that i miss his writings. when we were together he always used to send me his stuff to read. i've always loved his writing...he's so unbelievably good...i'm so glad he went to grad school for what he loves and not to please his dad.

guess you could say i'm still sweet on him...of course i would never tell him that...i know he doesn't feel the same (know= i'm 99.999% sure he doesn't, but the hopeless romantic in me would like to believe he does...sad i know) i miss his hugs...he gave the best hugs...and his kisses

telling him all of this and more is constantly on the tip of my tongue....MUST KEEP MY MOUTH SHUT!! i really don't my feelings hurt. although the last time i went through this he spilled his guts first...i don't think it's going to happen again though..this whole distance thing is not cool.

ending on a happy note: one more day closer to summer!

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