Friday, May 7, 2010

sha la la la

doing much much better today.

going to work on lowering the level of my freakouts. it's ok to freakout, but i think i need to take it down a notch or two. ..going to add that to my "how to be a real adult" list lol.

finally downloaded lily frost's song "you've shaken every part of me" my number of chances to listen to it on yahoo music have decreased drastically over the past few weeks. and after scouring youtube thousands of times i still can't find it so i decided to go to good 'ol reliable itunes. it's really gross how long i can keep this song on repeat..definitely one of my favorites, it's so calming...

just realized how janis joplin makes amazing study music (i think that makes sense) forgot she was on my ipod while i was studying and thought i'd give her a try since i haven't listened to her in awhile. great just great, i forget how awesome she is (was?) such a badass singer.

ok brain fart: i'm also going to work on not eating at the computer...i type that with a half eaten cherry slice sitting on my keyboard lol. but i'm for real!! sort of...i figure it probably won't happen, but maybe if i write it out it'll help....we'll see.

my little brother turned 10 yesterday...i feel SOOOO old. i still remember exactly what my dad said to my sister and i when he broke the news (not gonna lie, i was really disgusted before i was happy) he's getting so tall too!! i have to give him side hugs, because when i hug him frontally(?) his face smashes smack dab into my boobs..kinda awkward lol.

i really need to turn this song off lol....11 times played so far.. as i type this and i downloaded it about an hour ago lol.

guess i'll get back to this 10 page rococo paper...i have 5 pages so far and still a lot of info to write about so it won't be too difficult ( i say that now) i will admit i'm proud of myself for starting it early..sort's not due until monday, but 5 pages already? go me!

ok for real going to work...12 plays lol.

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