Monday, May 24, 2010


it's so funny, because i don't think p realizes this, but after being friends for what 3 years (sprinkle in the whole b/gf business) i know him so super well....i have him down to a T. especially his behavior regarding us now. for instance i know for a fact (it's been scientifically proven) that if i don't contact text, fb, email, whatever. for a somewhat long period of time (4-7 days) he will try and get a hold of me. it never fails. and i love it! for instance i hadn't talked/communicated with him since thurs and last night he sends me this awesome text. of course it was one of those messages that just increases the blackhole that is our emotional relationship but i don't give a fuck. it was nice. i was proud of myself, because even though he kinda sorta a smidgen spilled his guts/expressed his feelings, i was calm and collective. although i admit that while i was under the nitrus gas at the dentist today for some reason i wanted to call him and tell him that i still loved him sooo badly. that's the one backfire-ness about nitrus gas, since it gives me the feeling of being drunk, i get drunk thoughts. but thankfully sober/non nitrus sydney is smarter than drunk/nitrus sydney and refrained from calling him.

i love the summertime...idk what it is...i just love it.

found a couple more grad schools to look into..rhode island school of design (random i know) and corcoran college of art & design. we'll see.

sidenote: i have successfully completed my first week of what will soon be my summer drought...drought of not participating in extra curricular activities that is. i know i can make it..i've gone longer before. it just sucks. kinda makes me regret spending almost $90 on 3months worth of bc. oh well. maybe i need a little more celibacy in my

this is in honor of p and his weird sense of humor/random youtube


and just for the record HE sent these to me

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