Saturday, May 22, 2010

summer in the city

finally a real blog post!

i had started one earlier, but didn't feel like finishing it so i started a new one.

summer has officially hit the city of fountains (and it's companion in kansas) even though summer really doesn't start until june 20-whatever according to the stupid calendars, it really has come to kansas city. the nights are cool and the days are getting warmer. i love it. i love kansas city in the summer...i think a part of it is because i have great summer childhood memories. here's a picture of part of our backyard via me laying down on the couch under a living room was so nice with the breeze blowing. i couldn't resist a nap

facebook reminded me that today is new boy's birthday. this morning i was doing some serious debating on whether or not i should wish him happy birthday. it's currently 9pm-ish and i have yet to do so. sure you could say i'm letting my pride get the best of me, BUT the only communication i have recieved from him since last tuesday, the last time we saw each other and once again he left without saying goodbye, was last saturday (graduation) when he sent me a half assed invitation to get drinks. this was his message: "ragtag?" that's not even a real question?! i politely declined since i was in kc, wished him congrats on response. yes i would've most likely met up with him had i been in columbia (despite all the bitching and moaning i do) but i wasn't. fast forward to today...still no word from him. sooo i opted out of the birthday wishes. whatever.

speaking of p, 1. went out with bree and for the first time in who knows how long i got drunk without getting in my feelings. i was proud of myself. 2. it's funny the random things from the past you remember. for instance, idk what made me think of this, but earlier today i remembered the first time he had come down to visit me at school when we started dating. we were driving in his car back from a fuitless trip to sonic when we started going back and forth about if august is a summer month. i can't remember what his reasoning was, but it was so funny because we were both going on and on and he didn't believe that august is a part of was hilarious. i laughed to myself when i thought about it today..such a random insignificant memory. he wants to meet up when he's back in stl for a friend's wedding later in june. i don't think it's going to work, because i don't think my dad will let me take his car to columbia for the day. if he did i definitely wouldn't tell the truth. i'm torn, because i would want to spent more than a day with him since we haven't seen each other in over 2 years. but that's really not possible. and as a big believer in signs, i doubt it'll happen, because the other times we've tried to see each other since we broke up have always fallen through...serious sign. le sigh...idk. we'll see.

i really just need to get over this man...but it's not completely my fault. he starts shit by saying he misses me, and blah blah and how he misses his cuddle buddy. boys. i swear.

anyways. i must find a job. soon. this whole only volunteering plan is not working out. i'm so broke.

sidenote. not gonna lie, if i had my own car i'd seriously be planning a roadtrip to nyc. crazy i know. guess it's a good thing i don't have a car.

well guess that's all for now...i want to end on a good note..soo i'll share this little number (it's soo bad it's good!! i love a good laugh lol):

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