Monday, May 10, 2010

james mcavoy speaking french?! yummers

currently watching atonement while i continue to avoid finishing my rococo paper.
geez i love this movie...a girl i know summed it up perfectly by describing it as "sexy and tragic as hell" i totally agree. it's so umbelievably sad!!! but soo good at the same time. i'm such a sucker for love stories....but not cheesy ones. this one is fantastic even though cecelia and robbie are never reunited. first time i watched it balled me eyes out throughout the whole the book two summers ago and balled my eyes out. it's like everytime i watch ps i love you i always cry during the scene after the funeral when hilary swank calls gerard butler's cell phone over and over again. gets me every time.

great, i've procrastinated for so long i'm getting tired.

and i still haven't studied for my american art & culture final that's tomorrow..(today?)

if my senioritis is this bad now, i can't even imagine what it'll be like next semester..oh well.

and in other news, another girl i know i got engaged last weekend. i feel so behind! granted i've never been the timeline-i have to get married by this age-blah blah kind of girl, but come on! (said in gob bluth style lol) whatever lol.

ending on a good note: had crazy chocolate craving earlier then i found 2 mini kit kats in one of my school bags! i was so excited lol

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