Monday, May 3, 2010

take me on a trip i'd like to go someday

so here i am packing my shit up, getting things ready for my mom, gma and brother when they come down tomorrow (today?) and get some of my crap. but antyways, so i'm going through my all purpose purple plastic tub (all purpose meaning it holds random crap) and i found this:

the infamous, flashback inducing memory box
it's not that i'm surprised it was in's been there since i moved into my dorm last august..i really shouldn't have packed it but that's another story for another day. i guess it took me by surprise because i realized i haven't looked in it quite..quite some time. it amazes me that besides facebook pictures, saved emails, one simple "wooden" $13 hobby lobby box can hold memories of a person i once held so dear to my heart. i guess i still do but at the time i got the box it meant so much more. idk..i can't bear to part with it yet...ex lovah still means a lot to me.
but i digress.
my non doodling kick has been spurred by my whole "i'm going to be an adult" campaign...which hasn't been exactly going well either. adults don't clean their face with astringent to avoid actually washing it and they don't stick their head under the sink faucet to "rinse" their hair to avoid taking a shower. now i know i sound super dirty but i do shower everyday...except for today when i layed in bed all today and only left to get food but needed to wet my hair because it looked crazy. but the astringent thing may happen pretty face still gets clean!..just probably not as clean as it would if i actually washed with face soap and a washcloth....i do that a few times a week...the rest of the time i do wash my face..scouts' honor. also adults don't use windex as an all purpose totally acts as one but i think real adults use different products...i don't think the eating in bed thing is going to change anytime soon..oh wells.
can't wait to go home...going to eat fettuccine noodles and fresh parmesean every day. and i can't wait to see bree..and spend time with my brandon boo...and my gingybread. excitement!
guess that's all

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