Monday, May 10, 2010

school schmool...again i guess

today was such a funny day...and exactly why i need my own reality show. finished my 10page paper about 40 mins before it was due, turned it in about 15mins before the deadline. studied for my american art & culture final for a total 25 mins, fell asleep AND couldn't answer the bonus questions because they covered material learned last wednesday in class...same day as senior sendoff which i skipped class to go to. of course sydney.

AND i got ready in 30 seconds and didn't grab a umbrella and had to walk thru campus in a torrential downpour. my light sperry's got so wet they look like the dark brown happy i've had them forever.

oh well at least i have my health

and clearly i have my priorities straight because i've messing around on the intronet for the past hour knowing full and well and have 3 4page essays due tomorrow at 10:30am...not the original 1pm like i thought.

oh wells.

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