Monday, May 3, 2010

cool thing of the week/and last

i know it's only monday, but i bought this awesome wallet/clutch type thing from the anthropology museum on campus. the museum sells handmade, fair trade goods from all over the world. i was deciding between the clutch and a really cool necklace from Kenya, but i remembered i barely wear jewelry so the clutch it was:

it looks blue, but the top flap is really deep

i can't remember what country it was made in,
i want to say it's from a country
in either central or south america

it's so great...and i thought
it was perfect for the summer

i discovered these chips last week (so i guess they would be cool thing of last week) and they're SOOOO good! definitely my favorite sunchips flavor. i love the tangy kick they have

yes that is my horrible looking veiny food

had such a nice visit with my grandma, mom and little brother....i love that little guy so so much. he'll be 10 on thursday i can't believe it!
my room looks so bare without all the stuff and clothes they took back home with them. i'm so happy.

my poor suitemate...i've been singing at the top of my lungs lately...and i know i sound bad.

i had more to say earlier...oh wells probably for the best, tonight i have to read the last 5 chapters of my capstone book and write a short paper on each chapter all due tomorrow morning. it's my own fault i did absolutely no schoolwork shit this weekend.

but i think i'll watch will forte's women herstory month song video again lol


chelsea rebecca said...

that clutch is too cute!!
i wish i was uber crafty so i could whip one up! its so perfect for the summer!
and SUN CHIPS ARE THE BEST! total weakness.. but i like to believe they are healthy! haha!

sydney with a y said...

yes sun chips are the best! i'm so excited for the biodegradable bags lol