Saturday, March 20, 2010

spring is here!

well at least it was all week....friday it was 63 degrees out!! since it was so nice, i met up with my chiildhood friend acacia and baby jarrell on the quad for a picnic and catch up session..

he's such a happy baby, he kept laughing
and kicking his cute

then i woke up on saturday to this:

snowy and mushy and gross the middle of march!!! i could understand it if this has been happening all month, but it hasn' you missouri.

at least i had an interesting night..went to international night saturday night (international night is when some of the international clubs and organizations on campus put on a show celebrating their cultures with song and's pretty awesome) anyways, i met angelica and jane there, but i got there before they did so i was sitting by myself when this guy from a couple of my classes came in and sat next to me. well everyone flipped their shit because of it. then after the show he invited me to a party, but i ended up not going, because of the weather. well this did not sit well with everyone..they thought i had missed out on some huge was interesting. i would've been more open to going if the weather wasn't so crappy..idk i wasn't thinking too deep into the situation, because he didn't ask for my phone # or anything. but if he ever comes out directly and asks me to hang out i'd be up for it...he's pretty cute and i like talking to him..
this whole situation is new to me, because this is as far as i've gotten with a white guy..i wish i could say whether or not this guy is my type, but he's my first white guy interest i'm into you are you into me kind of thing. i mean i've been attracted to white guys before but none of them has ever showed ANY kind of interest back..until now. so we'll see where this goes if it goes anywhere.

but anyways back to friday, here's what my attempt at the bohemian look (or something along those lines) in honor of the weather:

feather tank: nordstroms
leggings: target
sweater: urban outfitters
ballet shoes: gordmans?

my "ballet" flats..they've been through
so much with me

and of course a picture of my hair, because
i'm vain like that sometimes

currently trying to get out of bed and go study, but my warm comfy bed, the weather outside and real housewives of new jersey on tv are keeping me from being a good student....but what else is new?

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