Tuesday, March 2, 2010

cool thing of the week

i'm going to try this "cool thing of the week" gig,
but idk how long it will last since i always end
up finding something new every day.
anyways. cool thing of the week this week:

(insert drumroll)

I found it via iTunes Radio
but basically it's streaming readings of the Qur'an!! it's awesome!
I've always found Arabic a beautiful language both written and spoken
(thanks to my art history teachers who played Islamic calls to prayer during class)
I love that the Qur'an is recited as almost like a song...they don't just SAY it..it's sung.
the calls to prayer are definitely my favorite...they sound so beautiful.

so yea that's the cool thing of the week...and what happens when a person tries to cut down
her tv time in order to get more studying done...lord help me.

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