Tuesday, March 23, 2010

i really REALLY shouldn't have..

sooo as i mentioned before there may or may not be a new boy in the picture..and i may or may not have a crush on him. anyways, we're facebook friends now (whoa there girl, don't move too quickly now!) and i may or may not have "researched" his ex-gf (i know i know) chick is CRAZY!! that's all i have to say. but anyways, this whole thing with him is so weird, because i feel like i'm 13 years again..doing the whole thinking about him and wanting to hang out and blah blah...i haven't had these giddy feelings since ex-lovah so it's throwing me off...ALOT. but it's ok i guess..he's pretty cute, and he makes me laugh..which i've always liked in a guy.

but in other news i need to chuck the dueces and bounce out of columbia quick fast and in a hurry. i'm so so tired of this town. i need an escape oh so badly
these pictures didn't help either

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sidenote: i'm debating on whether i want to eat the honeybun i got for breakfast now or wait til the morning...decisions decisions.


sarah said...

gorgeous photos!
good luck with your new man!

sydney with a y said...