Friday, March 5, 2010

ode to ginger

i seriously fail at life...i'm tired as hell and here i am on here and watching family matters...oh well. anyways i guess this post is dedicated to my favorite puppydog (ok she's really not a puppy anymore, but she'll always be my baby) Ginger who i miss like crazy..which is an everyday thing. Who would've thunk the Cooper family would be a dog family.

her like a usually takes
about a minute before she starts whining

pretty sure this is my all time favorite
picture of may or may not
be the caller id picture
on my phone for when home calls me

gingy is so funny, because we can get her all riled up and start barking and growling at outside even it there's nothing out there. she also sings sometimes.

sometime last year i came home for a weekend after being gone for a long time, my friend pulled up in front of my house and my dad was sitting on our front porch talking to a neighbor with ginger at his feet. i called ginger's name and she sat up and looked at me, it was so cute because it took a good 10 seconds to register that it was me then she ran to the car..i seriously almost cried. she's such a smart dog. my dad trained her really well (thanks in due part to cesar milan the dog whisperer) but she understands what a treat is and she automatically sits as soon as we open the basement door to get her treats. it's so hard to leave the house, because she really does do that puppydog "why are you leaving me look"...i have to remind everyone not to turn around and look at her before they walk out the's heartbreaking lol.

she also loves to cuddle with my sister and i when we come home from school..i love it, she's such a sweet dog.

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