Tuesday, March 2, 2010

the woes of being a minority art history student

of course i should be studying, but instead i'm messing around on the interweb with the nutcracker playing in the background because i'm lame like that.

here comes another bitching post:

attending a predominately white school (predominately =ing 90%) it's not surprising to find myself being the only Black student in class..especially once i get passed (past?) the huge, cattle-call lecture classes. after sophomore year of college i got kind of used to it even though it sucked. now moving on to my main point dealing with art history. it's really hard to be an art history major and take all these required classes and not see any Black or even African artists. we have classes in the following subject areas: greek.roman.islamic/byzantine.northern/italian renaissance.18/19th century europe.modern.american culture. the only time i learn about Black or African artists is for the 5 minutes in modern and american culture when my professors talked about the great migration and the harlem renaissance, because you know that was the only time when Black artists were making art. i took a world architecture class my sophomore year and it was AMAZING. we learned about architecture from all over africa, southeast asia, the middle east. i loved studying the structures of ancient African tribes. but alas that was it. so yesterday at the end of my american art and culture class my professor asked us to anonymously fill out a midterm "performance/evaluation/how's the class going so far" type thing. one of the questions is what would we change/improve or whatever. so i said i would like to study more Black artists, because they're a part of american culture too. after i turned it in i realized i'm the only Black student in the class...this should be interesting. but i'm glad i said something. we learn all about the european artists that came over to america and even the white artists that lived here, but not anything is said about the Black artists. idk if it'll change anything..still glad i said something ..

in other news it official, i will be in the great, sunny city of san diego for my spring break! i'm sooo excited. the only other time i've been to california was when i was a baby and my mom took me, but since i was way too young to remember the trip i don't count it.

i also have figured out tattoo #2: i want a kooky, fat looking owl (possibly wearing thick glasses, i haven't decided yet) with 2 small music notes near it so it looks like it's hooting; on my left wrist. one of my new favorite shirts has a huge, awesome looking owl on it so owls are starting to grow on me...also i found out they're one of athena's attributes which is perfect, because athena has always been my favorite greek deity.

enough chit chat i guess..time to make myself useful and start studying

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