Friday, March 12, 2010

death by art history

TGIF! lord have mercy. i really can't celebrate too much considering how much shizz i have to do in order to prepare for midterms and all that jazz.

i kinda felt bad today, because i'm in this arts of the rococo class every friday from 2-4pm (i know i know the time is crazy, but i like the professor) and we have readings every week except for the weeks when class is cancelled. for this week we had to read this book:

i tried to read it i really did...ok i didn't try that hard..i started the introduction, but never finished. one thing that annoys me about reading books for school is the length of the introduction in some books....SO many people make their introductions as long as the chapters in their books...WHY?! it's so aggrevating. the introduction should make me WANT to read the rest of the book (besides of course being forced to read it for class) it shouldn't make me want to throw it across the room. but then in class my professor admitted that it was hard to read so i stopped feeling bad. as much as i like him, i'm scared to death of him. he's a really nice guy and an excellent teacher but he really intimidates me for some reason.
anyways, since i'm taking 3 classes with grad students the topic of the work grad students do always comes up. the thought of what grad school entails makes me shudder. especially today in my rococo class, because my professor asked a semi-difficult question about a piece of sculpture we were discussing; and after about 15 seconds of silence, he commented by saying answering these kind of questions are a part of grad school work and research and writing and blah blah. i just stared at him....
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i will gladly pass thank you.
antyways, so last night (usually when i say "last night" it really means 2-3-4 in the morning) i was trying to go to sleep and remembered that for some reason i can't be the first person to fall asleep when it's me +1. then i remembered how ex-lovah was always sweet enough to wait until i fell asleep until he went to sleep since i'm weird...i always loved that.

he was a sneaky fella

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