Friday, March 12, 2010

go to sleep already

yes it's approximately 2:30am and i'm wide awake...i know i should either go to sleep or study..buuut not really feeling it. why would i study when i there are wonderful and awesome blogs to discover?

i may or may not be eating
a submarine sandwich and chips
at the bed..

ok so i got this in my mailbox today,
and the paranoid person i am immediately
assumed it was a letter from the
university telling me they discovered
all the music i may have acquired illegally and
are taking legal action against me.
one thing i've noticed about me is that
when i'm in situations like this all common
sense goes out the window. i should've known
it wasn't serious, i would've gotten an
official letter on official letterhead
signed by some head muckety muck.
(not saying i know this from experience
turned out to be a letter from the
admissions office asking me to be
a host for a high school senior.
*insert sigh of relief*
random thought: i think i could make it in new york...i'd have to save up $ like crazy before moving there...and i'd also have to find a job first too. i wish i could be like those people who can pack up and move to another city on a whim..i'm too (whatever the word is for people who need to be on a schedule and has to have everything planned out). i really am...even when making plans with friends. "sure we can meet about 6ish" nope not good enough lol is 6ish closer to 6? 615ish? more like 630?? it's bad...which is why i keep freaking out about the future, because i've always had a plan and now everything after graduation has been thrown out the window....i'll survive i'm sure. i just can't stay in kc for very long.
(i am craving cupcakes like crazy!)
guess i'll go to bed now...

ps 30 rock was hilarious (as usual) tonight..tina fey never ever disappoints

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