Tuesday, March 2, 2010

did that just happen?!

definitely just had a conversation with ex-lovah about his dating woes and finding the right girl and all that jazz...SERIOUSLY!! i'm still shocked. i wish i had someone to give me a round of applause when i do well...like tonight. trust. just a few weeks ago i would not have been able to have that conversation without wanting to throw up....or throw my phone across the room. I'm thinking it has something to do with my change of emotion towards our whole ordeal or whatever blah blah. it was a nice conversation between friends..it was actually pretty funny. idk it was cool. glad i could finally get to this point after 50 years. nice.

(good thing he doesn't read my blog...i doubt he'd appreciate me putting his business out there like that)

Him: Hey

Me: Hey there, whats up?

Him: Nothin just a stupid day. Can't wait till it's over. For the record i totally hate people. People suck.

Me: Aww lol :( ...but yea ppl do suck...whats going on?

Him: Just the fact that i'm alone in this city. I have no real close friends except you and dave. And as for the dating scene: it's pathetic. Every girl I meet is like mentally fucked up.

Me: :(( thats sad!! (but i have to admit i laughed at "mentally fucked up" lol they all can't be bad)

Me: Maybe you're just meeting the wrong ones for you

Him: LMAO they are syd they are. I love new york, but i hate new york because of it. It sucks.

Him: Yeah i def am.

Me; The story of the tragic writer living in the concrete jungle looking for love...flimed in black & white. No music. I like it..…just copyrighted it lol. It’ll be ok!! The best things come when you least expect them…or do what I do and pretend like you’re not looking lol

Him: LMAO dang it! I already love that film! Yeah, i guess that's what i'm gonna have to do. Oh well, this too shall pass.

Me: I try lol. Yea it will..just takes some time. Do you hang out with frat brothers that live in nyc?

Him: I don't want to. I just wanna find someone that's right for me:(

Me: :(( i knooow, me too! But The right person is worth the wait...

Him: No she's not! I completely despise her for not showing up sooner. Lol

Me: You are not helping my "feel better oprah moment" right now lol. Paul i'm telling you she'll show up when you least expect it..

Him: Lol silly. Fine syd, i'll take your advice. ...For now lol

Me: Lol! I'll just be expecting a dear abby letter next week lol. But i do understand where you're coming from..trust it took me forever to get to the point where I was perfectly ok with waiting nd not settling b.c I deserve the best ..lol

Him: Lol yeah that's true. you do, btw, deserve the best. Thanks syd. Miss you lots.

Me: And you do too!! Dont you ever forget it! :) miss you too...i'm glad we can talk like this

Him: Lol me too me too. Aight i'm off to bed. Night night:)

Me: Night!

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