Friday, March 19, 2010

plans for the future take #973

so i have officially decided that next fall (if i get accepted) i will be attending bard college as a master's student (candidate? idk what they're called) in the 2 year curatorial studies graduate program.

i have FINALLY decided what i want to do. praying that i don't change my mind.

i honestly don't think i's exactly EXACTLY spot on with my career choice.

i'm much as i've bitched about grad school i realized it's the art history aspect that i'm not really feeling. but this program at bard is based on curatorial studies within contemporary art:

"The graduate program at the Center for Curatorial Studies at Bard College provides practical training and experience in a museum setting and an intensive course of study in the history of the contemporary visual arts, the institutions and practices of exhibition making, and the theory and criticism of the visual arts in the modern period. The program is broadly interdisciplinary.

Its faculty includes curators and other museum professionals, scholars in the humanities and social sciences, artists, and critics.

The curriculum is specifically designed to deepen students understanding of the intellectual and practical tasks of curating exhibitions of contemporary art, particularly in the complex social and cultural situations of present-day urban arts institutions, and to help students improve their interpretive and critical writing.

The Center initiated its graduate program in curatorial studies in the fall of 1994. More than a hundred curators, critics, scholars, artists, and other arts professionals have taught seminars or lectured in practicums and courses since the program began."

i'm keeping my plans quiet for awhile, because bard is located in annandale-on-hudson, ny (i know weird name huh?) anyways i'm keeping the deets to myself since i recently found out that it's about 2 hours from nyc and i don't want people thinking i'm only going b.c ex-lovah is in nyc. this is completely not the case. i really REALLY like the program. idk we'll see..i still have some time to prepare and all the jazz...


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