Thursday, March 11, 2010

"sculpture and enlightenment"

(that has nothing to do with anything really, it's the title of a book i'm supposed to be reading for my arts in the rococo class, but clearly i'm not...but i did start it!)

anyways. had my first midterm today, in my artists of the renaissance was pretty easy, my professor had given us the exact questions about a month ago so basically all i had to do was memorize the answers.
i feel so bad, because i love my greek sculpture class, i'm learning a lot and i really enjoy my professor, but for some reason i can not stay awake for the life of me! I always always end up nodding off...i bet it has something to do with the fact that it's 1:15mins long (11-12:15pm), in the same room as my first class of the day which also happens to be 1:15mins long (9:30-10:45am)...i know i'm not a very bright kid for that one. *sigh* or maybe i just need to keep on working on my sleep schedule...if i was telling my mother about this dilemma i'm sure she'd go with door #3.

have i mentioned how i can't wait for san diego?? well i can't. 2 more weeks...that's all i have left.

i had planned on studying tonight, but i just remembered the office and 30 rock comes on tonight...soooo i think i'm just gonna take it easy. i am pretty tired.

i thought i had more to say, guess not...

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