Wednesday, March 10, 2010

happy is as happy does

so i've been single for about
2 years now...and let me say
it has been an interesting ride.
i've had a few gentleman callers along
the way..been on a date (i wish i could say
"or two" but i seriously i've only been on 1
date in 2 years)
and lord knows my ex and i have gone
through it trying to figure out our feelings.
which in turn has had a crazy effect on me and
my emotions


it feels good to finally be happy and embraceful
(idk if that's a word or not) of my singledom.
i have one good guy friend, a male aquaintance
who i see occasionally..and that's it.
i'm "prospect" free and for some reason i'm loving it!
and i must say it's nice to be on a strictly platonic
friendly not talking about our feelings level
with ex lovah.

i like our chemistry..we were chatting
tonight and i wanted to rant to him
like i did to bree because i knew he
would make me feel better.
somehow we didn't make it there
and yet i was in a good mood
at the end of the conversation,

i messaged him a few days ago during one of
my many freakouts over my unknown
plans for the are his lovely
insightful words of wisdom:
"go to new york or san diego.
go to grad school.
smoke some green.
there ya go."

i couldn't help but laugh. i hate to admit it
but that did calm me down a bit lol.

anyways, long story short i'm pretty happy
i have no idea what i want to do
with my life as of yet, but
that's ok.
one day at a time, that's all i can do

(here's a picture of happy's one of my faves)

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