Monday, March 22, 2010


what happens when i try to go to sleep when my body is actually tired instead of waiting until 3-4am? my body wakes up anyways when it decides it's done sleeping for now. at least i wake up to lovely text messages.

anyways, being the weirdo that i am i sometimes view life in the eyes of a film director; making up scenarios and dialogue between people, picking out songs for certain scenes, etc etc. did the same thing tonight when i woke up singing feist's version of nina simone's "sealion woman".

i have officially decided that if i ever make a movie based on my life the opening scene would be me getting ready to out with that song playing. i pictured myself in an awesome deep purple sequin dress and heels travelling through nyc to my art show opening at some hip gallery in brooklyn or harlem. i don't think i'd play myself, but i love the idea of making movies...secretly i've always wanted to make one.

guess i'll try to go back to sleep now...

geez i love this song...and of course it's even better live!

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