Sunday, March 21, 2010

school days

adding the school of art institute of chicago to my grad school list, even though bard college is where i really really want to go. saic has some graduate programs based in contemporary art, however i had to read through them a couple times, because they all sounded exactly alike, but with different names.

this whole process reminds me of when i was a junior in high school preparing for the college application process. even though i really wanted to go to washu, mizzou was THE only place i applied to..and i applied early too. i hear all the time that it's not a good idea to only apply to one school, but when i get an idea in my head you can't tell me nothing! i knew i was going to mizzou, there was no question in my mind...thank goodness they let me in, because i had NO back ups.

...i have a really really bad habit of pulling my hair out when it gets to be longer than an inch..i know i shouldn't but for some reason i can't help it.

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